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Lease Return

Most manufacturers look for damage in these general categories:

When you lease a vehicle the last thing you worry about is the damage your car will incur during your lease. Unfortunately the day you proceed with the lease return, the dealership will inspect your car with a magnifying glass and charge you for any damage done to the car.

At Luxuria Bespoke Auto we consider ourselves the Lease Return Specialists.  We can help you navigate the tricky process, without breaking the bank. During a lease return, dealerships will typically look for excessive scratches, dings, dents, windshield damage and even miss matched tires. Come to us and let our customer service team get your lease back to perfect condition before turning it in!

  • Mechanical Problems: In the engine or any of the car’s systems.
  • Dents, Dings, Scratches and Scrapes: On the car’s exterior, bumpers and wheels. “Curbed” wheels are a frequent issue.
  • Cracks, Stars or Excessive Pitting: In the windshield and other windows.
  • Abnormal or Excessive Wear: In the windshield and other windows.
  • Tears or Stains: On the upholstery that can’t be cleaned or repaired with normal refurnishing.